How does a URL shortener work?

A URL shortener works relatively simple. It is an application that runs on a short domain or URL such as iref.cc or www.iref.cc.
If you paste a long URL into the shortener you can give it a descriptive text.
Once you trigger the URL creation the application will create a shortened link with a unique ID.
This shortened ID points to the URL shortener application which stored the shortened URL and the target/original URL.
If a user clicks or calls the short URL the application looks for the target URL and simply forwards it.
UrlShortener Screenshot

How can you create a shortened URL?

Please follow the below step by step description:

How can you change or deactivate an existing shortened URL?

Login to your iref.cc account. Once logged in navigate to ”Url Overview”. In the list you will find your created URL.
UrlShortener Screenshot

Activation / Deactivation

not forward users anymore. Deactivated URLs do not count anymore as a created URL.
So you will be able to create a new URL if you have reached your quota.
If you want to deactivate or activate a URL simply click the button “Activate / Deactivate”.

Edit Entry

You can edit the URL entry. You can only edit the target URL. This means you can change to
which page the shortened link will point. Simply click on “edit entry” and edit the target url.

How can you use your own domains?

If you use one of our paid plans you can bring your own domain. This means that if you shorten a URL it will look like your very own link. This has several advantages such as: people will trust the link as it comes with your brand name, the conversion rate is high due to your brand name, it looks way nicer than a generic url which is not related to you or your brand. In case you are not yet using our paid service, it is now time to activate it. Login to your account and go to the subscription page. You can choose with the Basic/Starter package. This will allow you to bring your own domain and will also ensure direct forwarding without any commercials. This will raise the conversion rates and users will prefer this. To bring your own domain navigate now to the page “Domain Overview”.

Follow the described steps: